Sonntag, 27. August 2017

6th anniversary tradition IRON

Oh gosh!
I so much wanted to participate in this year`s PI Party and literally EVERY year I just cannot.....
Usually we`re on holiday and now I am too busy with my work.
But I stole some time to make at least something - and all went wrong.
I made a card using `stylized autumn´ and had decided to use the branch for the iron technique. BUT instead of making it iron I used some gold glitter embossing powder cause I thought it would look nice.
And - so it did -  BUT the theme is `Iron´!
That`s what happens when I´m in a rush.....
So I quickly made a second card to fit the theme, not happy with it but hey - it`s IRON. SIGH again.

And here`s the card I like much more :-)

and the same branch dipped into embossing powder, but this time in gold

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