Sonntag, 25. Juni 2017

Home, when I´m with you

Hey there.....
Posting another card, I actually made a while ago but it wasn`t up to now, that I was `able´ to make a picture of it :-)
When I´m super busy and don`t seem to have quite the time for making a card I often grab some pieces that are lying around in my craft room (oh - and there are QUITE some pieces there lol) and Combine them to make  quick card anyways.
That`s exactly what I did here - and - I have to say: I LOVE this card!!!
The only `real work´ here was to emboss the white paper panel with a woodgrain embossing folder. Everything else was super easy, just combined what I liked. A piece of chipboard with adhesive on the back, a golden precut doily (I L O V E those doilies!!!!) and a tiny bit of patterned paper. Voila!

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