Dienstag, 12. Februar 2013

Valentine`s card

Oh my.....
Haven`t found the time to post anything for over a month! This can`t be true...
Have you ever had some things going on in your life that take away all your creativity? I guess that`s what happened to me and I guess that this is the best sign that these `things´ are no good for you. Anyway.
I`m getting over it and start doing what I love again - CRAFTING and learning from my crafting friends from all over the world.
SO: starting today with a card I recently made for Valentine`s day. Most of the people here in Austria don`t celebrate Valentine`s day that much BUT - it is a good occasion for making cards for sure and I don`t know a single person who doesn`t like getting pretty cards.
Wanted to use some PI tags here and try out my new soft stone ink. (The ink is really PRETTY I think. Subtle but yet not too soft!)
Good to be back! ;-)

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