Donnerstag, 14. Februar 2013

Valentine take two

Hello everybody and have a GREAT Valentine`s day! :-)
Yesterday I gave a card to everyone who put a smile in my face recently ... just a good occasion to say `thank you´ and to let them know that I thought of them.
In these times everything is so fast. No more time for talking no more time for writing letters. It`s all writing eMails or texting someone - the faster, the better.
BUT: everyone (at least everyone I know) loves receiving a letter or a card in the mail and yesterday nobody had expected to get a Valentine`s card from me and I saw many happy faces when I handed them over!
So good to see these smiles!
Here`s another card I gave away yesterday. Enjoy.

The sweet little turle is from Jane`s Doodles. Funny little critters in this stamp set. I used the turtle on two more cards I`ll be showing in the next days!

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