Montag, 23. Dezember 2013

Countdown til Christmas. 2 more days to go.

Just 2 more days means: just 2 more cards for Christmas....
I am sometimes impressed by the fact, that there is hardly anything that you CANNOT stamp on, hahahah! Wonderful fact, if you ask me ;-)
Stamping on candles is not new, yet is impresses me every time I do it. It`s easy, it`s fast, it looks nice and it is a very special gift for anyone you give it to.
Again, please forgive me for the bad picture (yeah, had no time :-))
Also I should have thought of photographing it BEFORE wrapping it up, mea culpa...

It`s a gift for someone who really loves cars. You know ... not just LIKING them, he ADORES them ;-) almost like you can adore a human being I´d say.
I thought it would be funny to stamp a really `hot´ car onto a candle and give it to him. His car is red so I chose to color the sweet car with red copics. The sentiment is from clearly besotted stamps.
I´ll let you know if he liked it :-)

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