Sonntag, 23. Dezember 2012

gift card holders

Hello and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!
It`s 07.00 in the morning and I`m up since an hour - my sweety pie couldn`t sleep anymore and was like `Muuuuuum, the sun is out there, we have-to-get-up! ´
Well ... it`s STILL dark outside but at least this gives me the opportunity to do another post. It`s really been a while now. I was so busy with my work and travelling and getting all the gifts for Christmas. But, anyway, I still found the time to get crafty :-)

I needed two gift card holders for my Dad and my brother so Kristina Werner`s tutorial was just what I needed. You can find it here:

These are the two cards I created. They are really easy to do and come together fast.

here you see the gift card inside

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